How to improve a company’s attention and customer service

attention and customer service

Attention and customer service; how to improve your business

This is an increasingly common situation.

A potential customer stops in front of a pastry shop window. A delicious cake has caught his eye. Oh, the colors! The chocolate is so tempting! And on top of that, it’s very cheap!

However, and on the contrary of what would be expected ( that he would run into the bakery, would buy the cake and would hurry home to eat it with anxiety), he does not do that, but he takes out his mobile phone.

But what is he doing? Has he gone mad? But hasn’t he seen how delicious that cake looks? What is he looking at on his smartphone?

As we were saying, this scene is becoming more common every day, and it is likely that you, dear reader, have taken part in it on more than one occasion.

As customers, today we have more information than ever at our fingertips. The Internet and its associated social networks, blogs, opinion pages, etc., have made it possible for us to find references and opinions about almost every product or service we can find. That’s why, before buying a robot vacuum cleaner we can check how it works, before buying a pair of trousers in an online store, we can find out how the shipments work or before buying a cake, we can check whether it is delicious, if it has a lot of sugar or who is the pastry chef who made it.

Since this is the way things are, and since customers have many options to choose from, customer service is becoming more and more important for companies.

How to improve attention and customer service

In order to satisfy the most demanding customers, we must do our best every day. Do you want to see some ideas to make them happier?

– Create a customer-oriented strategy

Things don’t work by themselves, magically. In order to improve attention and customer service, you must always keep it in mind, placing the customer at the centre of your business strategy. This means not only having a strategy designed to satisfy them, but also thinking about the customer every time you make a decision, and creating a customer service philosophy within the whole company.

– Have a professional and motivated team

Have you left the customer service in the hands of your cousin Edelmiro, who has accepted the job because he has nothing better to do and he spends the morning watching videos of dancing cats? That doesn’t seem like a good idea…

Professionalism and motivation are aspects that the client perceives right away. Dealing with apathetic people or people who don’t know how to do their job worsens the client’s experience with your business and offers a very bad image of the company. Is that what you want to achieve? Get a competent and motivated team and things will work out better. And don’t forget that it’s also up to you to encourage your people so that their enthusiasm doesn’t drop!

– Analyze the customer experience

Do you have any idea about concepts such as user experience or a customer experience map? You have a lot of work to do…

You can start by understanding these concepts well and you will see how you can improve the way you relate to your users and the way they live and perceive their relationships with your business.

– Listen to your customers

Are you a fan of the idea of “everything for my clients, but without my clients”? What an enlightened despot you are!

One of the best ways to find out what your users want and need is to ask them for information. There are many fantastic ways and occasions to do this, and it will bring you great benefits, such as some good ideas to improve customer service and your company, and for users to feel that their opinion is taken into account.

– Offer several channels of communication with the company

Is it only possible to contact your company through a telephone which is answered by your famous cousin Edelmiro from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m? Well, you are wrong!

Nowadays many companies choose multichannel (or even omnicanality), in other words, they offer several ways of contact to serve their customers. Email, telephone, social networks, apps… There are more and more ways for customers to contact the company easily, and they will thank you for your availability.

– Use technology to improve customer service

Seriously, writing down the incidents in a ring book is a bit tacky. And using it as a support for the coffee cups is a bit lame. Can’t you see that it’s filthy and falls apart?

Today, technology gives us a lot of tools to improve customer service, so look for the ones you need and use them. It’s highly likely that your competitors are already doing it!

And now that we’ve seen some ideas to improve customer service, how about taking a few minutes to get to know one of those technological tools we were talking about that can help you improve an aspect as important as customer service?

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