The most outstanding help desk software: Get to know their features

best help desk software

Best help desk software. Choose the right one for your company

Okay, so you’ve decided to have help desk software to improve the planning and management of your business, and now you are going through different tools but you don’t know which one to choose. It all depends on the article you read, you will see how each article says that their product is the number one in the sector, but actually, this might not be true. Today we will briefly have a look at the best help desk software of this last year. We will discover its most remarkable features and its negative aspects, and we will try to be as objective as possible so that you can decide which help desk software best suits your company:

1. Jira Service Desk

best help desk software
Jira Service Desk is one of the best help desk software out there, and it is also quite popular. This software was presented in the last quarter of 2013 by the Australian company Atlassian, and was created as a Jira’s add-on (which is a web application for incident tracking and management processes). Among all its features we could highlight the following ones:

  • It’s simple to use, very user-friendly.
  • It allows you to obtain reports in real time.
  • Customized queues to organize work.
  • You can open tickets via email.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks, so it reduces workloads.
  • Call Center and CRM.
  • Multichannel

In conclusion, this is one of the most used tools in ticket management as well as incident reporting. It is meant for for large companies. But, there are also negative elements:

  • Very limited actions for Workflows. You can create different types of Workflows, but in other alternatives, this is easier, since this one will only support 4 simple operating processes, which will mean that we have to spend a lot of hours when creating workflows.
  • You cannot create contents for the knowledge base from a ticket, and you cannot give a ticket response from the knowledge base either. To be able to carry out this task you have to combine Jira Service Desk with Confluence.
  • Another important limitation is that both Confluence and Jira Software are purchased separately, which we need to carry out many activities, such as connecting tickets with incidents.

In conclusion, it has a large number of features and plugins, but you will need to pay for many of them. So the monthly fee, despite not being very high ($ 10 per month for up to three agents or $ 20 per agent per month when purchasing four agents), so it ends up being much more expensive, since we will need other software and plugins, which will cost you money too.

2. Zendesk Support

best help desk software
Zendesk Support is another popular one when talking about the best help desk software. It was created in Copenhagen and the idea was to create simple and custom software. Unlike JIRA, which was meant for large companies, Zendesk is meant for small environments. These are the most remarkable elements:

  • It is easy to use and install, it is visually attractive software, and it has a large number of videos that might help you achieve your goals.
  • It has a good dashboard.
  • It is a mature product, with a large number of users, so it has a large community where you can solve problems and questions.
  • It has support in Spain.
  • It’s multichannel.


  • Although it may seem contradictory, it is easy to use and install at the user level, but it can be difficult when it comes to customizing our software if we compare this one with other alternatives.
  • There might be usability problems, since the ticketing interface does not flow naturally. Some of us think it needs a redesign.
  • It does not have automatic updates for ticket visits, plus it does not allow you to store previous searches, which slows down the work.
  • Just like JIRA, tickets cannot be converted into articles for the database, first we have to write the article and then associate it with a ticket, and this will slow down the task.
  • It does not have a download option or file sharing option.
  • The price. At first glance it is not too expensive, but if we have a company then we might use the Enterprise version, which is more expensive than the other alternatives. (24€, 54€ Plus, 125€ Enterprise)

These two software are the most used ones and they are also quite popular, but now let’s have a look at less famous ones which have many features which could turn them into the best help desk software.

3. Freshdesk

best help desk software
This one is meant for small and medium enterprises and has very positive opinions from the community.

  • You won’t need a great knowledge of it in order to use or to install it, it is quite easy to install.
  • Ticket administration, knowledge base, community forums, support by chat, telephone, etc.
  • It is very useful when creating support communities.
  • Multichannel.
  • Unlike Jira and Zendesk, the knowledge base works quite well.
  • Software in Spanish.
  • Economic prices that range between 0 and 62 €.

But wait; here are the negative elements we have found:

  • It does not have API, so then our developers may face problems when create specific programs.
  • It is not very customizable, when compared to other alternatives.
  • It does not have “asset management” or inventory, so we cannot see the incidents that affect each inventory object so we will need to find other ways to manage customers, invoices, etc.
  • Your evaluation data show the satisfaction percentages, but something else is missing in order to find out the evolution of our business.

4. HappyFox

best help desk software
It is not very well known but it is a great help desk software.

  • Just like the previous ones it is easy to use, easy to configure and easy to manage.
  • It has automation and self-service tools to improve the help service.
  • Multi platform.
  • The price, like the previous alternatives, it goes from the popular one which is $19 to the Enterprise version which is $69.

Among the negative elements we could point out that:

  • It is not in Spanish.
  • The automation can limit the capacity of the software, since it is based on rules, which sometimes aren’t effective.
  • You can only assign the staff to a single task, which delays the management; in addition, the integration capabilities increase the complexity of the software and its price.
  • It does not have a support community like JIRA or Zendesk.

Integria IMS

best help desk software
Integria IMS has something that the other ones simply don’t. Integria IMS belongs to Ártica ST, a Spanish company created in 2005. Integria IMS is here to fill the gaps that the team had found in other help desk software. It is meant for small, medium and large companies. And just like the previous ones, it has its pros and cons. When compared to the previous alternatives, we found the following positive elements:

  • Easy to use, very user-friendly, it is a fast solution tool.
  • No additional modules, this is quite important, since it integrates all the features without having to pay more.
  • It is flexible and has custom fields.
  • You can automatically refresh the search and it memorizes these searches to make your work easier.
  • It has an excellent knowledge base; this way you are able to add tickets with information, convert them into knowledge base etc, unlike Jira or Zendesk.
  • It has API.
  • It has a powerful inventory system to make your work easier.
  • The price includes “everything”, you will not have to pay more for new features or plugins.
  • There are no shortcomings in workflows, as it flows properly.
  • It is updated for free, adding tools that can facilitate your work. If there is something missing, it will be solved.
  • Option to download and share files.
  • The price is quite good actually, the recommended version is 63€ or the Enterprise version which is 83€.

The negative elements are:

  • Just like HappyFox or Freshdesk, these are younger and less famous software; therefore they have a small community, unlike JIRA or Zendesk.
  • Currently, it is only in Spanish or English

So far, this is a small analysis of the best help desk software up to now. Integria IMS as you can see, is a very powerful alternative with features that solve the problems found in other platforms. For more information about Integria IMS, you can contact us on our website.