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call center communication

Call center communication; discover some great ideas and tools

Communication is quite important for any business. Both internal communication (within the company) and external communication (with customers, suppliers, etc.).

And when it comes to a call center, we must say that communication is key to everything. Communication is the focal point in a call center. If the call center communication is good, and if it flows easily and clearly, then the call center will work. However, if the call center communication is poor, the service will experience great difficulties.

In this article we are going to go through some ideas in order to improve the call center communication and we are going to discover a technological tool, which can help you improve your call center communication. Get ready!

Set the objectives of your service and the philosophy of your company

It doesn’t matter if it’s an external service or internal service from the company, the people who work in the call center must know both the objectives of their job and the values ​​of the company where they work.

If it is a company’s own service, both the agents and the supervisor should know very well the objectives of the service and the values of the company ​​and the image that they want to convey. For example, if the company values ​​the opinions of the customers, then it will be good for the company to ask the customers what they think of the product and how it could be improved.

If it is an external service, these principles will work in this case too. Both agents and supervisors must be clear about the purpose of their work. And when it comes to the values ​​of the company, these should be known.

How can you achieve all this? For example, you can establish some basic principles and objectives for each job position in writing and let the members of the service know about these. Or you can give speeches so that new employees know the philosophy of the company. This way, everyone will have a clearer idea about their job and the image they want to convey.

Establish operating protocols

These can be more or less exhaustive depending on the needs of the service, but having a protocol can be a good tool to be organised and to improve the call center communication. For example, if an agent receives a call from a customer and this person doesn’t know how to solve this problem, how will this agent answer the customer? Is there a procedure for this agent? Does this agent know who to contact? Is this agent clear about the different tools he/she should use in each case?

The operating protocols should not turn the service into something robotic, as these can be a great help to clarify certain situations and speed up the work, don’t forget about these.

Train your employees

This is quite important. Working in a call center is not easy, and employees must have the tools to carry out their job without being overwhelmed by stress. Training is quite important in order for them to carry out their job properly.

It is not only about training your employees about the company and services and products but it will also be necessary to provide the agents with skills so that they are able to communicate with customers in a fluid and effective way.

And don’t forget to train them in the use of technological tools. Nowadays, technology is the focal point in a call center, and the people who use technology, they must know all about it.

Encourage internal communication

This is quite important when it comes to providing the workers with their most important working tool: knowledge.

Training is quite important as no one can work properly without being well informed about the job. Companies are dynamic entities and experience changes. New products and services are launched. The contracting conditions change. For example, how will they solve doubts about the guarantee of a product, if they don’t know that this guarantee has been extended during the last months?

In addition to this, good internal communication can be a great way to improve a company. Ideas flow better and complaints are heard. For example, if customer service detects a large number of complaints regarding a particular problem, good internal communication will allow this situation to be known and the right people will be able to solve it thus avoiding new claims in the future.

How can we carry out this? Internal communication can be strengthened through several means: newsletters, Intranet, ticketing software … If you want to check more ideas, you can take a look at this article.

Provide your team with the proper technology

As we have mentioned before, this is an essential question. We live in the 21st Century, so call centers cannot work without technology.

There are multiple technological tools that can improve a call center. Let us show you our great tool; we are talking about Integria IMS.

Integria IMS is software that has, among other features, an incident management system (help desk software) based on tickets, which can be a very useful tool in your call center.

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In addition to this, Integria IMS has other very useful features, such as an inventory, a project management system or a vacation manager.

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