5 Ways to measure customer satisfaction

customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction; Discover 5 ways to measure this

Do you know the origin of the word “feedback“? You’ve probably heard it many times. This term “feedback” refers to the action of receiving a response from a third party regarding an action of ours.

In other words, if we insult a particularly aggressive person, the feedback that we will probably get will be a smack in the face (we recommend you not to be so rude or unconscious, there are better ways to experience feedback…).

When it comes to business, customer feedback is one of the most important data that we can obtain for our company. It is, after all, the best way to find out what users think about our business, our products and our services.

But how do we achieve this? It’s not always easy. We cannot interview every single one of our clients. So, how do you know what the users’ opinion is? How can we know, for example, the degree of customer satisfaction?

In this article we will look at some ideas on how to achieve this. And don’t you dare insult anyone!

Take a look at your social networks

Does your company have a profile on a social network, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? If so, you should know that this not only brings digital presence to the company, but also can provide something as important as a better understanding of what our users think about our business.

Take a look at the comments people leave in your posts in order to learn more about customer satisfaction. Chances are you’ll find both criticism and praise, so try to value each one in its own right. In addition to this, you may also find comments on very specific aspects of the business that can be very valuable for improvement.

Interview your clients

It is the most direct and effective way to get an opinion. Talk directly to your customers and ask them the questions you consider essential to know their opinions and improve your business.

Before doing so, however, keep in mind that the pre-selection of clients will be very important, since you will not be able to interview everyone. And after talking to them, also keep in mind that you will have to do a fine job of analysing the answers provided; and everyone is different.

Create opinion surveys

It’s a classic technique, but it still works. Customer surveys are a simple and straightforward method of getting a general opinion. The problem is that users often don’t feel like answering them.

To overcome this problem, you should create interest. You can offer discounts to customers who answer them, or include them in a draw. There are many ways to do this, and the information they give you can be very useful to know the degree of satisfaction of your users.

Ask for internal opinions

It is an indirect source, but it is easily accessible and very valuable. Some of your company’s employees will be in direct contact with users and will frequently hear their complaints and praises. Ask your people to give you the feedback of the customers.

You can do this in a variety of ways; through internal surveys, through interviews, or using tools that improve internal communication within the company. One way to achieve this is by using a ticketing tool, such as Integria IMS. We’ll tell you more right away.

Check out your customer service

When it comes to measuring customer satisfaction, few places have more relevant information than your customer service department.

Remember that this service is in direct contact with the customer and is in charge of managing their queries and complaints. Where are you going to find better feedback about your customers’ satisfaction than in the service that performs these tasks?

The problem arises when your customer service is chaotic, or does not handle incidents in an orderly manner, or uses an out-dated system that does not allow you to retrieve relevant information.

At such times, you lack more suitable tools, don’t you think? Fortunately, we live in the 21st century, and there are programs that can help improve customer service in a company.

Will you let us show you ours? This is Integria IMS.

Integria IMS is a software that has, among other features, an issue management system (help desk software) based on tickets (ticketing) that not only helps you with the management of customer service, but can help you to obtain valuable information about the issues handled by the service.

For example, in Integria IMS you can see both the tickets that are being managed and those that have already been resolved. Take a look: you will be able to get very useful information, such as the complaints that your customers report. In addition to this, in order to make this task easier for you, Integria IMS has tools such as a word search engine and numerous filter options.

In addition to this, and as we mentioned earlier, you will be able to use the ticketing tool to improve internal communication in your company, so that your own people can communicate value assessments in terms of customer satisfaction. For example, if your customer service agents detect that users are repeating the same type of complaint over and over again, they will be able to open a ticket warning about it in order to find a solution. Or if they have any idea that could improve the service, they can also communicate it by opening the corresponding ticket.

There are many different ways to use Integria IMS to improve your company’s customer service. Do you want to know more about what it has to offer?

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