Gamification: what is it about and some ideas to apply it to work


Gamification; what is it about and some ideas to apply it to work

Surely we have all heard about the concept gamification, since the word is now so trendy. Obviously, it has a lot to do with the English word “game”, and can be used in relation to many fields. Today we are going to see what gamification is, how it can be applied to the workplace, what benefits it entails and some ideas so that you can gamify like there’s no tomorrow. Let’s get to it.

What is gamification?

It can be said that gamification is the use of elements and techniques of games in non-ludic environments with the aim of providing such environments with game qualities, such as motivation, engagement and fun.

There are many areas to which gamification can be applied. When we talk about the company, we usually refer to internal gamification (the series of techniques that are applied with the workers of a company) and to external gamification (the one that is usually used in the marketing and commercial department to make the company’s products more attractive, increase sales and achieve greater customer loyalty).

In this post we will talk about internal gamification. In the future, there will be another article to see what external gamification is and to know some ideas to sell more a create client loyalty .

What is achieved with gamification?

If you want to gamify your company, you will have to be clear about why you want to do it, because if not, you know: if you have to gamify, gamify, but gamifying for nothing, is just nonsense …

Therefore, it is good that before throwing yourself into the gamification arena, you define what your goals are. Do you want your workers to integrate better with the company? Do you want to detect errors? Increase sales? Do you want them to turn green, have a hammer, a shield and become the Avengers? Make it clear before you start gamifying like crazy …

To guide you through some clues that will allow you to define your goals, here are some examples of what can be achieved with work gamification.

  • Generates greater motivation in the work team:
    Actually, this is one of the priority objectives of gamification. The games make a call to our ego and invite us to win, which makes them highly motivating. Raise some tasks as if they were a game, and your people will want to win it (which means they will work harder).
  • Promotes creativity:
    The playful side of games makes us relax, which favors our creativity. In addition, it supposes a rupture of the routine, and that can be very stimulating.
  • Creates fun moments:
    This is another obvious goal of gamification. Treating work – or some aspects of it – as if it were a game, makes it much more enjoyable.
  • Stimulate teamwork:
    Although this varies according to the techniques put to use, gamification often involves working in groups with other colleagues. This encourages collaboration and bond creation.
  • It favors the integration of the worker and the company:
    Besides promoting the group being closer, gamification can promote the integration of the worker in the company, making them feel that they are part of a common project. In addition, it will make it easier for them to see the company as a special place, unlike others you have worked with before.

Internal Gamification; 5 ideas to gamify work.

Now that you know what could be of use for you to introduce gamification techniques at work, let’s look at some ideas of how you could do it.

Make your offices more fun.

Have you seen the Google offices (now called Alphabet) located in Mountain View? They are probably the best known in the world, and they have table football, bowling, table tennis, rock climbing, beach volleyball courts or massage room, among many other things.

Well, maybe putting all this in your office would mean having to merge it with the neighboring office and that there would be no room for anything else. But you can do something similar to a more domestic level. For example, reserving a room for recreation, with some coffee maker, a refrigerator and some quick game to help and disconnect.

Gamify internal procedures.

There are many ways of doing it; mixing departments to exchange ideas, distributing fun surveys (preferably anonymous), brainstorming, creating objectives by levels (and rewarding for achieving them), etc.

You can also create a contest for your team to suggest improvements, and reward the best proposals. The possibilities are endless.

Offer recognition to your people.

Create a procedure to reward the best employees, and give them a real incentive to work hard for it.Traditionally, methods like naming an employee of the month have been used, which makes a lot of sense if you have a diner that cooks burgers and you live in 1960. Surely you can think of something better. Most of your workers appreciate more a trip or an extra pay than a photo in a frame, don’t you think?

Program activities outside the workplace.

Sport events, paintball, escape rooms… more and more companies spend a few hours a year doing this type of games, which promote communication between workers and ease some tensions. Of course, you should be nice to your employees during the year or else you can end up with a head full of paint shots …

Gamify the processes of selection and training.

A game is one of the best ways to better getting to know a person. Gamifying the recruitment process could offer very interesting clues about the way candidates are, and will make them see that they are opting to enter a different company, which will increase their interest. Doing it with training too, can make it much more bearable for them, which is always an advantage.

Here are some ideas for gamifying work, but surely you have many more. Share them with us in the comment box below, and help us have a much better work experience. Thank you!