How to promote my business thanks to my users

how to promote my business

How to promote my business with my own customers once and for all

If you have a business, we are pretty sure that you’ve had this thought at some point in your life: “Advertising is expensive and does not always work. What else could I do? I want to learn how to promote my business without spending a lot of money.

When we think about how to make our business popular, we tend to think about new clients and we often forget about our own existing clients.

Don’t you know that the best client is a satisfied customer? That’s why it’s so important to keep all your clients happy with your products or services. Not only will they stay with you longer, but, hopefully, they will become your best promoters.

But when it comes to making your clients talk about your business you cannot remain too long stuck on the first step, which is to provide a good product. In addition to feeling that your company is offering the best product, you must encourage your clients to talk about your product to people around them. Lucky for you, there are some actions you can take in order for them to feel the desire to do so.

Depending on your business and the type of client, it will be necessary to carry out a certain type of actions. In certain cases you will find clients that have the ability to reach a high number of people, and you should pay special attention to these. At other times you will find clients who are not that popular or influential but will also be able to affect the purchasing decisions of their closest circle. Don’t forget this: they are all important.

Both this type of client or the other, in this article we will see some ideas that may help you make your customers talk a great deal about your business.

Offer promotions when making recommendations

It is a very widespread promotion method. Have you ever heard this phrase “bring a friend and get 30 euros discount on your next purchases? “. It’s all about being thankful in the form of discounts or gifts for those customers who recommend other people to buy your products or services, and that will be carried out after the sale is finished. Frequently, this discount also extends to the person who has become a client thanks to the recommendation, which reinforces the stimulus. If you do not want to scratch your pocket by hiring advertising in order to make your promotion popular, you can advertise it on your own website or let your customers know every time you close a sale.

Incentives for you best customers. Another great way when learning how to promote my business

Don’t get it wrong, Sarah , who works in that Italian restaurant around the corner is just as important as that that blogger who is followed by millions of people. But that does not mean that you cannot make an extra effort with some of your clients.

If you usually give a special treatment to some specially popular clients (not only influencers of social networks, or youtubers but also respected people in the industry) will be a simple way of promotion. Therefore, many companies send these items to influencers in order for them to try these, so that these products become popular in their circle of influence.

You can also learn how to promote my business by offering excellent customer service

We are clear about the idea that the best starting point for a client to speak well of a product or a company is to offer the best possible quality. Sometimes, here the contact that the client has with your company will end, until the next purchase. But in other occasions there will be a type of decisive contact that will determine, sometimes even more than the product or service itself, the opinion of the client towards your company.

Yep, it’s all about customer service. When a person contacts the customer service department of a company, this person establishes a direct relationship with the people, and negative emotions such as impatience, frustration or anger can arise, but also positive ones, such as satisfaction or gratitude.

Another perfect occasion to strengthen the relationships with your customers will be the customer service. Therefore, you should take advantage of this. If the customer service is good, then the client will speak well of the company. However, if the experience is negative, you might lose a client, and also these people might speak bad about your company for years.

When it comes to large companies, the management of customer service is not easy. It requires good organization, a high level of professionalism and the right tools in order to avoid chaos.

Lucky for you, we live in the 21st century, and we can have technological tools that can help us with this hard task. One of them is Integria IMS.

Integria IMS has, among other features, an incident management system (software help desk) based on tickets, which is able to help you with customer service in your company.

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So far we have gone through some ideas to learn how to promote my business. But we are sure that you have some more on your mind. Do you want to share them with the readers of this blog? How can you promote your business in a cheap way in order to have great results in benefits? Let us know! You can do so by leaving a message in the comment section that is located at the end of this article.

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