The Importance of Customer Service

Importance of customer service

Importance of customer service; Discover these 5 basic reasons

If you are a regular reader of this blog (which is highly recommended) we are pretty sure that you’ve noticed that we often talk about different ways to improve customer service.

Why do we often talk about this? Well, the main reason is because we have a product, Integria IMS, made for customer service management for companies.

We need to point out that the way in which a company deals with its customers will mean the difference between success or failure. What are you saying? Do you really think we just want you to buy our great software? Well, of course we want that, but we also think that customer service is something really important. In this article we will see some reasons about the importance of customer service.

It’s all about the image of the company

The way in which a company deals with its clients shows the philosophy of the company. Customer service in a company reveals a lot of things about a business. Do you want to discover some of them?

  • It shows the interest of the company towards its clients: indeed, if the company doesn’t care about its clients, this will also be shown in customer service. These types of companies don’t care about solving your problems.
  • It shows if the internal organization of the company is good: the intention when providing customer service might be good, but if the service is not well organized or does not have the proper means then it won’t work as it should, which will create a feeling that the company doesn’t work properly.
  • It also shows a global image of the company: customer service might be the only contact with the customer after the sale. Therefore, the experience offered has to be satisfactory, because it will determine the opinion of the client regarding the company. Do you want to know how an opinion of a client is influenced? Look at your customer service and you will find the answer there.
  • An organic way of advertising your company: here we show again the importance of customer service, good customer service will leave the client with a deep feeling. If you take care of your client, then your client will talk about your company to his friends, acquaintances and family members. But at the same time if your client has a bad experience, then your client will let everyone know in his environment. And if that bad experience gets to social networks, then watch out!

It’s all about loyalty

We are pretty sure that you know this, for many companies, customer loyalty is a key issue, to the point that their marketing departments invest huge amounts of money and effort in creating all kinds of campaigns and benefits to keep their customers around longer.

If we take into account the profits that a stable customer over time can report to a company, it is normal for companies to strive to reinforce loyalty. But, bear in mind that we need to be clear about this: In order to reinforce loyalty there is nothing better than a company that provides great customer service.

There’s nothing better for a client than knowing that the customer service will act quickly and effectively to solve their problems

It’s all about the company

When we think of customer service, we tend to believe that it is a one-way service: it is provided to the client with nothing in return (well, apart from their satisfaction). But it shouldn’t be always like this.

Smart companies know that every contact with the client is an opportunity. An opportunity to make a new sale. An opportunity to listen to the client and find out the aspects of the operation of the company or the product that can be improved. An opportunity to let the clients know that we are on their side. After all, an opportunity to improve. Are you going to let this go?

It’s all about being different

Although many companies are clear about the importance of customer service, many companies don’t strive to offer the best possible customer service. This might be due to a lack of organization or means; the truth is that it is not so easy to find a business that is excellent when it comes to this important issue. Therefore, achieving this can be something that will make you different from your competitors.

Look at the treatment the people who sell in the streets (street markets) give their clients, and perhaps you will find the answer there …

It’s all about numbers

Getting a new client is quite difficult. That’s why you should keep your old clients safe and happy! The great thing about providing good customer service is, in many cases, all about the numbers. Do the numbers. Calculate how much it costs you to obtain each new client, in terms of advertising, commercial expense, etc. Calculate how much it would cost you to improve your customer service (in many cases it will be part of the product that you offer, and therefore it will be essential to keep it going) and how much it reports when it comes to non-lost customers, advertising, image, etc. Most times, the answer will be clear. And the numbers speak for themselves…

We have gone through some of the reasons that show the importance of customer service. As you can see, it is a fundamental service for companies, and therefore we must take care of it, and of course with the right tools.

Do you know more reasons about the importance of customer service? Let us know down below in the comment section. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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