Ticketing software: managing issues with Integria IMS.

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Ticketing software: a great option to manage issues effectively

Lots of things happen on a daily basis, that’s what life is all about. On top of that, sometimes they are not what you expected, or they do not even turn out well, and issues that must be solved arise.

If you own a business, you must already know that even if you insist and you try to do your best, you will always run into some problems. Therefore, managing these problems is an everyday part of your work.

Luckily, we live in the 21st century, which means that, in addition to other major developments such as the head massager, we have tools like the ticketing software, which is devoted to managing issues. The purpose of a ticketing software is to help us solve all those minor problems more effectively.

But what if you don’t know what we are talking about, and what you want is to go get your favourite snack? Wait a minute! Let’s see, through some brief fictional examples, how a ticketing software can help you solve those small issues that appear day-to-day in your business.


Currently, your sticker store is running smoothly. Since that famous “instagrammer” posted a picture with one of your stickers stuck on his forehead, hundreds of people gather every day in front of your establishment willing to buy all the new ones to place them on their foreheads. You even had to buy the adjacent store to expand your business!

However, even if your pockets are overflowing, the problems have also become constant. Luckily, you can count on a great ticketing software which helps you to manage these issues.

Today, for example, the entrance door has been broken. On receipt of the corresponding notice, the store manager has opened a ticket within the system to register the issue. Immediately, the notice of said ticket opening reaches the person in charge of maintenance, who proceeds to repair the door, recording of all kinds of useful data, such as the cost of repair or time spent. In addition, and given that you have a history of issues and you can even link each issue with an inventory item, you can check how many times you have had to repair the same door. Maybe you might want to replace it with a new one, rather than spending more money on repairs!


It is amazing how your hootenannies-for-professionals manufacturing business has grown. What began as a small family business has ended up being a thriving company, which takes up a warehouse of 160.000 square feet.

However, this large work volume involves constant issues. For example, today, there has been a problem with one of your shippings.

One of your best customers has called to your customer service enraged, because the hootenannies that he ordered have arrived in poor condition. However, his problem has been successfully solved, to the point that he has placed a new order. That is because you have managed the complaint wonderfully thanks to your ticketing software.

Once the call has been received, your employee has opened a ticket within the system. The notice of the ticket opening has reached the person in charge of the warehouse, who has detected that there is a problem in a very specific area, so some of the hootenannies are becoming deteriorated. Immediately, they have gotten down to bussiness to solve the storage problem, and sent a new shipping of hootenannies to the affected customer, which have been delivered without incident, along with an extra hootenanny for free.

By all means, all of it has been registered on the ticket. Thus, in addition to the people who had to solve the problem being involved, you have been able to not only make sure that the issue was managed at the appropriate pace, but also know who the people involved were, what their feedback was and you even were able to see details such as photographs of the warehouse area and the damaged hootenannies.


Let us take the customer’s place for this last example.

You are a great fan of robotics, and for months, you had been dying to acquire the latest model of a robot with artificial intelligence that makes your bed, prepares your dinner and makes small talk with you when you feel all alone.

However, the robot has been delivered to your house in the morning (you bought it online) and it does not work. Disappointed, you called to the store where you bought it, and what happened next could not have made you happier.

After calling, the customer service attendant opened a ticket with the issue, and the notice of the ticket opening was sent to the technical service. Within minutes, a technician called you, and in just a couple of hours, he arrived to your home and set your robot in motion.

The store has solved the problem really effectively, thanks to the ticketing software. In just a few hours, the disappointed client has been turned into a satisfied user, and the provider has also obtained very useful information that will help him to prevent this kind of problem (apparently, there was a small start-up problem that affects that particular type of robot, which has been reflected on the ticket by the technician).

Going back to your problem, now you have an inseparable companion to spend long nights chit-chatting with. Enjoy it!

These are just a few examples. We are sure that you, as the owner of a business or as a worker, could imagine many other situations where a ticketing software could help you.

And now that you have already seen these examples, what about getting to know Integria IMS?

Integria IMS is a program that provides, among other features, an issue management system (help desk software) based on tickets (ticketing), able to assist you when managing the solution of situations like the ones mentioned above.

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