On-premise IT Service Desk Software

Modern and flexible Help Desk tool

Lower cost than other solutions and faster to implement


Helps your organization organize and quickly resolve or escalate issues and problems

What is Integria IMS?

Integria IMS is a complete ITSSM suite; a help desk software which is simple, powerful and easy to use. It includes an automated inventory, which is controlled from a single interface. It speeds up processes, reducing management time and costs for your projects. Thanks to its custom reports, you’ll be kept up-to-date and can easily keep an eye on management and service quality, all in real time.

Help desk, Service desk, Incident manager…

The current help desk market is saturated, with over 350 products that offer more or less the same features.

They tend to be very complex tools, oriented to large companies, that usually drag along unnecessary features, which only make things more complicated for end users. Your business may be complex, your help desk shouldn’t be.
Some SaaS tools in this area that promise quickness and ease, turn out to be much more rigid than you need.
They create complex ecosystems with different tools that overlap and have precarious integrations, requiring extra time and resources to maintain.

How does support management work in Integria IMS?

Help Desk

Incident management and 100% WEB-based services, multiuser, multi-company, with SLA follow-ups, workflows, custom reports, and email-based management.



Can be manual or automatic, with custom and dynamic fields, and custom views. Help desk integration.

Project management

Task planning, hour inputting, cost calculations, activity tracking, calendar, vacations and integration with the help desk.


Satisfied customers

Successful projects

Problems solved