Help desk Pricing

With no traps and no hidden costs, you can calculate the price of Integria IMS, estimating its future growth.

* The fee is calculated based on the annual payment, perpetual license, with a 25% renewal price.

Additional Manager user pack

999 € (each pack + 5 Managers)

Additional regular user packs:

200 € (each pack + 100 Regular Users)

* The final price will depend on the number of users added per type. Please contact us for further details.

Get informed

Significant discounts with the joint purchase of a Pandora FMS licence

Users and licensing

Manager user

Access to all Integria options. They can have permissions to be able to control and manage all the functionalities of the tool.

Regular user

Limited access to the tool. Regular users will be able to see, create and edit Integria IMS modules that have been activated for them.

Unlimited Email user

Unlimited users with full email tracking: create, update and receive ticket status notifications all from email.

Licensing chart

Feature Manager Regular User
Create, view and edit tickets
Ticket management
Create, view and edit projects
Project management
Create and edit tasks
Task Management
Create, view and edit knowledge base
Create, view and edit the inventory
Manage inventory
Create, view and edit files
Manage files
Upscaling tickets
Create, see and edit your planner
Manage planner
Create view and edit the Wiki page
Wiki management
Create view and edit CRM
CRM Management
User management
DataBase Management
Integria IMS configuration management

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