Integria IMS has its own update manager. This way, without having to access the operating system or having to perform any special action, you can update the tool easily in just a few clicks.

We always maintain the intention of improving our software on each update. In these updates we always include error corrections, performance improvements and new features.

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Latest published updates

Patch #73 - 24 Jan 2018
  • Incorrect counting of tickets belonging to ‘isolated’ users.
  • Error when removing people from a task.
  • ‘Parent’ field of a non-editable task.
  • Creation of custom fields in the Contracts section.
  • SLAs.
  • Task creation/editing form.
  • Simplificationo of the Projects menu.
  • PDF reports visualization.
  • Edition of articles from the Knowledge Base.
  • Inventory export support.
  • HTML email processing.
New features:
  • New home screen that includes a search engine for the Knowledge Base.
  • Integration of eHorus with Inventory.
  • New Ticket filter on Dashboard.
  • Option that allows users who do not belong to any group to create Tickets.
  • Group duplication is now possible.
OUM 72 – 07 Nov 2017
  • Fixed minor bugs.
OUM 71 – 17 Oct 2017
  • New API functionality. It is now possible to add inventory objects to an already created ticket.
  • Improved Office 365 support.
  • Solved problem in sending emails through workflow rules.
OUM 70 – 02 Oct 2017
  • Customized Contract fields can be grouped into sections.
  • New functions have been added to the API.
  • It is possible to choose the order in which the personalized fields of Tickets, Companies and Contracts are displayed.
  • Creation of Inventory objects is now allowed without assigning an owner to it.
  • Creation of Contracts without associated Company.
  • Visual improvements in pagination.
  • Updated translations.

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