Integria IMS has its own update manager. This way, without having to access the operating system or having to perform any special action, you can update the tool easily in just a few clicks.

We always maintain the intention of improving our software on each update. In these updates we always include error corrections, performance improvements and new features.

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Latest published updates

OUM 622 – 12th Jan 2017

  • Improvements in Event reports: New filter for event type and real-time events tallying.
  • Fixes in report templates editing.
  • Graphics fixes.
  • Improvements in dashboard visuals.
  • Fixes for event searches.
  • Improvements in generating PDF availability reports.
  • Improvements in alert reports.

OUM 620 – 14th Nov 2016

  • Fixed update manager missing button.
  • Fixed translation problems.
  • Fixed mobile version login page.
  • Fixed problems with new images in dashboard.
  • Updated japanese translations.
  • Updated spanish translations.

OUM 621 – 30th Nov 2016

  • Improved reporting and SLA calculation.
  • Fixed visual console links.
  • Added some modifications to status monitor search.
  • Fixed tree view tables.
  • Added new changes of data precision.
  • Fixed problems with ‘Discard unknown events.

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